Full Body Skin Checks


Full Body Skin Checks

Full body skin checks are a vital component of every individual’s health. During the scheduled checkup, your healthcare provider examines your full body and looks for any moles, freckles, or suspicious spots that could be symptomatic of skin cancer, or could lead to skin cancer in the future.

Most skin cancers have a very high success rate when caught early. This is why full body skin checks by a professional are so important!

What is it?

During a full body skin check, you will be asked to remove your clothing (according to your comfort level) and put on an exam gown. Your provider will examine your body with a dermatoscope and look carefully for any suspicious spots.

Full Body Skin Checks


How does it work?

If a suspicious spot is found, your provider will perform a biopsy, a procedure that removes a small sample of skin. The biopsy will be examined in a lab, and depending on its results, your provider will develop a treatment plan.

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Full Body Skin Checks


What results are expected?

What is the service like?

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