DermTech Smart Sticker™


DermTech Smart Sticker™

The DermTech Smart Sticker™ is a revolutionary tool to detect patients’ skin for genes found in melanoma skin cancer. It is a strong, yet gentle sticker that applies to the skin and lifts skin cells on the mole for examination.

The DermTech Smart Sticker™ is less invasive than a biopsy, and a biopsy is only necessary if the sticker turns up any genes linked to melanoma.

What is it?

DermTech Smart Sticker™


How does it work?

A DermTech Smart Sticker™ service involves a set of 4 stickers.

As an alternative to the invasive method of cutting the skin, the DermTech Smart Sticker™ simply lifts skin cells off the surface of the mole, carrying your skin’s genomic material with it.

The stickers capture virtually the entire surface of the mole, whereas a biopsy typically evaluates only 1-2% of the mole.

What are the benefits of

DermTech Smart Sticker™


The DermTech Smart Sticker™ is non-invasive, painless, and comfortable.

After the service, the stickers are sent to the DermTech Gene Lab for examination.

Results are then sent to your provider, after which your provider will determine next steps based on the results and your personal medical history.

What results are expected?

What is the service like?

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