Dermoscopy is the examination of skin lesions with a Dermatoscope. A Dermatoscope is a tool, which traditionally consists of a magnifier light-source device that when used by a trained specialist allows for enhanced inspection of skin lesions.

Why do we use dermoscopy?

  • To help differentiate a malignant from a non-malignant skin lesion.
  • To observe an analyze skin lesions without the hindrance of skin surface reflections.
  • It may also allow clinicians to determine the surgical margin for skin cancers that are difficult to define with the naked eye.

What are the advantages of using dermoscopy?

  • Better diagnostic accuracy of skin cancers.
  • Reduction in unnecessary biopsies and excision operations of benign lesions.
  • Diagnosis of very early skin cancers.
  • Monitoring dark moles for changes.

What training is required to perform dermoscopy?

  • Many Dermatologists gain expertise in residency from various trained physicians.
  • Annual conferences focus presentations on the latest techniques on using dermoscopy.
  • Literature and research is continuously being published from Dermatologists who specialize in dermoscopy.


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